Create a cache of the neighbors of a node.

For example,

  ?cache sna:neighborCache ( ex:namedGenerator ?startnode ?depth ) . 

will create a neighbor matrix for the neighbors of ?startnode out to a depth of ?depth using the generator ex:namedGenerator. This assumes that this generator exists and that both ?startnode and ?depth are bound by other patterns in the query.

The bindings to ?cache act like blank nodes in that they have no meaning outside of the current query execution. During the execution, however, they can be used in place to generators in order to speed up other SNA computations.

There is also a functional form for neighborCache which can be used in an expression. For example:

  BIND( sna:neighborCache ( ex:namedGenerator, ?startnode, ?depth ) AS ?cache ) 


The following namespace abbreviations are used:

The SPARQL magic properties reference has additional information on using AllegroGraph magic properties and functions.