Return triples in the bounding box specified by two points.

This can return the subject of the matching triples or the subject and the coordinate (which is in the object). For example:

  ?event geo:inBoundingBox (ex:locationPredicate ?point1 ?point2 ) . 


  (?event ?coord) geo:inBoundingBox (ex:locationPredicate ?point1 ?point2 ) . 

The points must be bound before this pattern can be evaluated. You can either retrieve the points using other patterns or use functions like geofn:toPointXY or geofn:toPointLonLat and BIND to create them programatically.

As with all geospatial magic properties, ex:locationPredicate must be set up with a predicate type mapping to a geospatial datatype.


The following namespace abbreviations are used:

The SPARQL magic properties reference has additional information on using AllegroGraph magic properties and functions.