Software tools supporting RacerPro

Native RacerPro tools

These tools are specially built for direct interaction with RacerPro. They utilize native access methods and benefit from the feedback of the RacerPro server.

This brand-new applaction is being developed by Racer Systems and is the standard for managing a RacerPro-based system.

RICE is being developed by Ronald Cornet, University of Amsterdam.

Developments in the research community

There are many tools made to support the research, education and work in the area of knowledge management, knowledge engineering, description logic and semantic web which offer interaction with a reasoner (or inference system) like RacerPro.

Protégé is a free, open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework, developed by the Stanford Medical Informatics and supported by a wide range of developers and academic, government and corporate users, who are using Protégé for knowledge solutions in areas as diverse as biomedicine, intelligence gathering, and corporate modeling.

OntoTrack is being developed at the University of Ulm, Germany. OntoTrack is a new browsing and editing "in-one-view" ontology authoring tool which you can use to load and to edit multiple OWL Lite ontologies in parallel.

OntoXpl has been developed at the Concordia University of Montreal, Canada. Use OntoXpl to explore OWL ontologies with the help of RacerPro. OntoXpl retrieves the implicit information and reorganizes them in a way such that users can get a global picture of the ontology information.

OilEd was developed by Sean Bechhofer of the University of Manchester. OilEd is an ontology editor allowing the user to build ontologies using DAML+OIL.

TRIPLE is an RDF query, inference and transformation language for the Semantic Web.

Tools by Racer Systems

RacerPorter is a graphical user interfaces for RacerPro currently under development. It will be available free of charge for all registered users of RacerPro.

There will also be a workbench-style product that consists of RacerPro kernel as well as the Porter graphical frontend: This product will be called RacerPlus.

Both tools will be available soon.

Benchee a utility to automatically apply benchmarks to RacerPro. Benchee is written in Java and available free of charge. However, it is still in beta phase.

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