RacerPlus, the integrated workbench based on RacerPro

Our "kernel" product RacerPro communicates with client applications via network interface or file-I/O. One client that offers a graphical user interface is our newly created RacerPorter. However, this program still suffers from the performance overhead due to the network interface.

RacerPlus eliminates the overhead completely because it combines RacerPro and RacerPorter in a single application hence it takes maximum use out of the performance offered by a single workstation.

But RacerPlus goes even further: RacerPlus has a built-in knowledge base editor that has direct access to the data structures of the integrated RacerPro! You can open, inspect, verify and edit your T-Boxes and A-Boxes in a user interface which instantly reflects the state of the embedded RacerPro server. Of course RacerPlus offers all the features of the integrated products: You can connect from RacerPlus to any RacerPro-server on the network or your data in RacerPlus can be accessed via client applications over the network.

RacerPlus is available now as a seperate product positioned above the RacerPro kernel license.

Screenshot of RacerPlus
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