RacerPorter, the native, graphical user interface for RacerPro

The standard RacerPro has almost no user interface, it just prints some welcome messages and basic status reports into the console or terminal window. Generally speaking, RacerPro acts like a face-less back-end server – and is therefore sometimes referred to as the "kernel application".

Typically all interaction with RacerPro takes place via network protocols like HTTP (DIG) or Racer native commands (over TCP/IP). Tools like Protégé use RacerPro as a reasoner (back-end inference server) but do not offer functions to control the reasoner itself. Of course you can implement your own system using LRacer or JRacer as Lisp or Java libraries to the Racer native command set, but you have to provide all necessary functionallity as well as the user interface yourself.


To close the gap Racer Systems has created "RacerPorter", the graphical user interface for RacerPro. RacerPorter uses the TCP/IP network interface to connect to one or more RacerPro-servers and helps you manage them: You can load knowledge bases, switch between different taxonomies, inspect your instances, visualize T-Boxes and A-Boxes, manipulate the server and much more.

RacerPorter is free of charge for all registered users of RacerPro and is already packed into the installer versions as well as available on the users' personal download pages.

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