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Gruff is a freely downloadable graphical triple-store browser that attempts to make data retrieval more pleasant and powerful with a variety of tools for laying out cyclical graphs, displaying tables of properties, managing queries, and building queries as visual diagrams. The following is the result of a webinar we hosted to cover getting started with and using Gruff. For additional information, and to download Gruff, please visit the Gruff product description page here.

Introductory Tutorial

Presentation Slides

Download the presentation slides here

Training Videos

Introduction Length: 04:17

Section One: Downloading the correct version Length: 01:30

Section Two: Managing Triple-stores Length: 07:12

Section Three: The Graph View Length: 18:53

Section Four: The Table View Length: 04:19

Section Five: The Outline View Length: 02:06

Section Six: The Query View Length: 06:56

Sections Seven and Eight: Visual Query Builder and Visual Discovery Length: 06:06

Section Nine: http, Control through REST Length: 04:26

Section Ten: Pictures on nodes Length: 02:09

Section Eleven: The Server Edition Length: 03:47

The Entire Presentation Length: 01:02:58

Additional Gruff Videos

New! Demonstration of new features here.

Video Tutorials
Title Download Length
Demonstration using life sciences linked data video 15 minutes
Overview of Functionality video 4 min., 19 sec.
The Four Basic Approaches video 2 min., 38 sec.
Creating and Opening a Triple Store video 2 min., 58 sec.
Displaying a Starter Node video 3 min., 2 sec.
Adding Nodes Linked by Particular Predicates video 2 min., 50 sec.
Adding Arbitrary Linked Nodes video 3 min., 48 sec.
Managing a Larger Layout video 3 min., 53 sec.
Doing SPARQL Queries video 3 min., 4 sec.
The Legend, Saving Layout States,
and Finding Paths
video 3 min., 59 sec.


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