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Allegro CL version 8.2
This page is new in 8.2.


Arguments: chart-or-plot

This property has an effect only on the Windows platform.

This property of chart-widget and plot-widget determines the value that *color-gradient-filling* will have while drawing the background area of the chart or plot. See *color-gradient-filling* for an explanation of its effect.

The value can be set at creation time by passing the :body-gradient-filling initarg to make-instance, or any time later by calling (setf body-gradient-filling).

To enable gradient filling in chart icons or bars, use icon-gradient-filling or bar-gradient-filling instead.

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Documentation for Allegro CL version 8.2. This page is new in the 8.2 release.
Created 2010.1.21.

Allegro CL version 8.2
This page is new in 8.2.