Package com.franz.jlinker

Class Summary
JavaLinkCommon This class implements some static utility methods.
JavaLinkCommon.Build_2015_01_30 A version marker visible in the jar file manifest.
JavaLinkCommon.V7001011 A version marker visible in the jar file manifest.
JavaLinkDist Deprecated. See the class description for usage note.
JLWrapper This class is the superclass of the wrapper objects used to carry information between Lisp and Java.
LispCall The purpose of this class is to facilitate calls from Lisp to Java.
LispConnector Deprecated. Use the new static methods in LispCall class.

Enum Summary
JLWrapper.TypeCode Constants that describe the type of objects passed between Lisp and Java.
LispCall.JlinkerState This enum defines the constants that identify the states of a Jlinker connection.

Exception Summary
JavaLinkDist.InvokeException Deprecated. Use com.franz.jlinker.JLinkerInvokeException
JavaLinkDist.JLinkerException Deprecated. Use com.franz.jlinker.JLinkerException.
JavaLinkDist.LispException Deprecated. Use com.franz.jlinker.JLinkerLispException
JavaLinkDist.LispThrow Deprecated. Use com.franz.jlinker.LispThrow.
JLinkerException The superclass of all jlinker exceptions.
JLinkerLispThrow This exception is thrown in Java when a call from Java to Lisp was terminated by a throw in Lisp.
JLinkerPortException Timeout when waiting for a free port to Lisp.