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E (format directive) Tilde E: Exponential Floating-Point.

ecase case, ccase, ecase.

echo-stream echo-stream.

echo-stream-input-stream echo-stream-input-stream, echo-stream-output-stream.

echo-stream-output-stream echo-stream-input-stream, echo-stream-output-stream.

ed ed.

effective method Method Selection and Combination.

eighth first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth.

elt elt.

empty list list.

encode-universal-time encode-universal-time.

end-of-file end-of-file.

endp endp.

enough-namestring namestring, file-namestring, directory-namestring, host-namestring, enough-namestring.

ensure-directories-exist ensure-directories-exist.

ensure-generic-function ensure-generic-function.

environment Introduction to Environments.

environment object Environment Objects.

eq eq.

eql eql, eql.

equal equal.

Equal-Sign (sharpsign reader macro) Sharpsign Equal-Sign.

equalp equalp.

error error, error.

error terminology Error Terminology.

etypecase typecase, ctypecase, etypecase.

eval Sharpsign Dot, eval, eval-when.

eval-when Processing of Top Level Forms, eval-when.

Evaluation Evaluation.

evaluation environment Compiler Terminology.

evaluation order load-time-value, Evaluation of Subforms to Places, catch, multiple-value-setq, Order of Execution, The for-as-arithmetic subclause, Defaulting of Initialization Arguments, assert, ldb.

evenp evenp, oddp.

every every, some, notevery, notany.

exp exp, expt.

export export.

expressed array element type Array Upgrading.

expt exp, expt.

extended-char extended-char.

extensions Error Terminology.

External symbols Internal and External Symbols.

externalizable object Externalizable Objects.

externalizable objects Externalizable Objects.

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