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Allegro CL version 9.0
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Arguments: outline

Returns the value of the select-on-multiple-characters-item-test property of an outline control. The value may be specified at creation time by passing the select-on-multiple-characters-item-test initarg to make-instance, or any time later by calling (setf select-on-multiple-characters-item-test).

This outline widget property has an effect only when the outline's select-on-multiple-characters property is true to allow finding an outline item by typing the first several characters of the string that it displays.

In that case, this property should be the name of a function that can be used to arbitrarily exclude some outline items from the search, or else nil to include all items in the search. The default value is nil. When the value is a function name, the function will be called whenever a matching outline-item is found. The function should accept a single argument, which is the matching outline-item. It should return true if the search should really match this outline-item, or nil to skip the item.

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This page is new in the 9.0 release.
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Allegro CL version 9.0
This page is new in 9.0.