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A class-grid is a specialized grid-widget subclass that makes it easier to create grids that edit instances of classes. Rather than defining row and column classes and then instantiating those classes and adding them to a grid-widget, you instead specify a single expression that parametrically describes the slots to be edited, and then the class-grid will automatically create grid columns for those slots. It will also automatically create grid rows for a set of instances when you set its value property to be a list of instances.

A class-grid always has a single body section with other sections for column and row headers, and there are other limitations to the style of the grid. In exchange for those limitations, a class-grid is much easier to set up than a general grid-widget.

Using a Class-Grid

To use a class-grid, there are three main properties that you need to set:

Other Class-Grid Properties

A class-grid has all of the properties of a grid-widget, but you shouldn't set the column-sections and row-sections properties because they are created automatically from the edited-slots property. Since you cannot specify properties of a class-grid's sections and subsections directly at creation time, some high-level properties are defined on the class-grid class itself that will affect its subobjects. These properties include:

To reject invalid slot values as soon as the user enters them, write one or more validate-edited-slot-value methods.

For advanced use, after a class-grid has been created you could find the automatically created column and row sections and their subsections and modify them as with any other grid-widget. To do so, you may want to know that the two column-sections are named :header and :body (in that order), and so are the two row-sections. The single subsection of each header section is also named :header. The name of each column in the body is the name of the slot that it edits.

See also class-grid-top-pane and class-grid-drawing-pane.

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Allegro CL version 9.0
Moderately revised from 8.2.
8.2 version