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Allegro CL version 8.2
Minimal update since 8.2 release.
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Arguments: application-name destination-directory input-files &rest rest &key allow-existing-directory application-files application-administration application-type copy-shared-libraries copy-file-function debug icon-file demo image-only pure-files purify runtime-bundle include-locales file-version-info... build-lisp-image keyword arguments... dumplisp ignore-command-line-arguments keyword argument...

See delivery.htm for a complete description of the issues and functionality associated with this function. Note that this function is only available in Enterprise versions of Allegro CL.

This function writes a collection of files to destination-directory. In theory, all the files needed to deliver an application will be in that directory when generate-application completes (but you should test that carefully).

Note that this function calls build-lisp-image and like build-lisp-image, this function does not inherit from the currently running image (except for the defaults for certain arguments).

The required arguments:

The keyword arguments:

The function generate-executable is a wrapper for generate-application, producing an application whose input is the command-line arguments. It can be used either as a quick way to create an application, or as an example of using generate-application. The source for generate-executable can be found in the file [allegro cl dir]/src/

See delivery.htm for a complete description of this function.

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Allegro CL version 8.2
Minimal update since 8.2 release.
8.1 version