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Allegro CL version 8.1
This page is new in 8.1.


Arguments: ide-configuration

Returns the value of the ask-before-assuming-package property of ide-configuration. The current IDE configuration is the value of (configuration *ide-system*); (see configuration and *ide-system*).

This property controls whether a confirmation dialog will appear if you invoke an IDE command on a string that does not name a symbol in the current package, but does name a symbol in some other package. The default value is nil, meaning that the IDE will proceed to act on the found symbol without showing the confirmation dialog.

Compatibility note: This option is new to 8.1 and the default behavior does not match the prior behavior. The earlier behavior can be restored by setting this option to true. The Find In Files dialog will no longer pop up a dialog about the package even if this option is true, since that was clearly more annoying than useful.

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Documentation for Allegro CL version 8.1. This page is new in the 8.1 release.
Created 2007.4.30.

Allegro CL version 8.1
This page is new in 8.1.