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Allegro CL version 8.1
This page is new in 8.1.


Arguments: multi-picture-button

Returns a list of the names of multi-picture-button's buttons that currently do not appear on the widget at all. multi-picture-button must be a multi-picture-button. The value may be set at creation time by passing the hidden-buttons initarg, or any time later by calling (setf hidden-buttons).

The value should be a list of symbols, where each symbol is the name of one of the button-infos in the range of multi-picture-button. The default value is nil.

This property is useful for temporarily removing one or more buttons completely from view, in a way that makes it easy to restore them later to their usual positions within multi-picture-button.

An alternative is the unavailable-buttons property, which grays out buttons and makes them unusable while leaving them present in their usual positions. A more basic alternative is to modify the range property.

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Documentation for Allegro CL version 8.1. This page is new in the 8.1 release.
Created 2007.4.30.

Allegro CL version 8.1
This page is new in 8.1.