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Allegro CL version 10.1
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Arguments: nil

Returns a property list that contains statistics about the real and virtual memory of the computer. This function is a thin layer on the Microsoft function GlobalMemoryStatusEx, and is therefore available only on the Windows platform. It is in the :windows module, which is always present in the IDE, and which can be loaded with the form (require :windows) in a base Lisp.

For more information, look up the MEMORYSTATUSEX structure on Microsoft's developer web site Here is how the keys of the property list that is returned by memory-status map to the Microsoft structure:

Property List Key         MEMORYSTATUSEX Slot

:total-physical           dwTotalPhys
:available-physical       dwAvailPhys
:total-paging             dwTotalPageFile
:available-paging         dwAvailPageFile
:total-addressable        dwTotalVirtual
:available-addressable    dwAvailVirtual
:load                     dwMemoryLoad

In addition, the property list includes a :percent-used key, whose value is computed by the following formula (partly to round the value to two decimal places):

(- 100 (/ (round (* 100 (/ (* 100.0 (+ dwAvailPhys dwAvailPageFile))
                           (+ dwTotalPhys dwTotalPageFile))))

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Allegro CL version 10.1
Moderately revised from 10.0.
10.0 version