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Allegro CL version 10.1
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Arguments: project

This generic function returns a list of application source code files that the Project Manager's Find Required CG Modules button will search in addition to the official source code modules of the project. The default value is nil, but (setf internally-loaded-files) may be called to change the value.

This project property is useful for a project that loads some of its files in its own source code rather than having a project module for each file. This can be true of projects that use defsystem (see defsystem.htm) or a custom system to manage and load its files; perhaps a system that was already being used for the application before an IDE project was created for it.

The Find Required CG Modules button searches each source code file that you have added as a project module. This is sufficient in the usual case where each source code file of an application is a project module. But if a project module contains source code that loads other lisp files that are not modules of the project, then Find Required CG Modules will not know about these files and therefore will not search them. This can cause needed CG modules to be excluded from the standalone application that is generated by File | Build Project Distribution. Adding the files to the project's internally-loaded-files will avoid that problem.

Each file in the list may be either a pathname or a path namestring, and may be either an absolute path or relative to the project directory. Find Required CG Modules will ignore any paths for which the file does not exist, rather than signaling an error, so care should be taken to specify the paths correctly.


(setf (internally-loaded-files (current-project))
      (list "" "" "subdir/"

There is no widget on the Project Manager dialog for this property, but the value could be edited interactively in the inspector after pressing the Project Manager's Inspect Project button.

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Allegro CL version 10.1
Unrevised from 10.0 to 10.1.
10.0 version