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  9 Conditions   9.1 Condition System Concepts   9.1.4 Signaling and Handling Conditions Restarts Interactive Use of Restarts

For interactive handling, two pieces of information are needed from a restart: a report function and an interactive function.

The report function is used by a program such as the debugger to present a description of the action the restart will take. The report function is specified and established by the :report-function keyword to restart-bind or the :report keyword to restart-case.

The interactive function, which can be specified using the :interactive-function keyword to restart-bind or :interactive keyword to restart-case, is used when the restart is invoked interactively, such as from the debugger, to produce a suitable list of arguments.

invoke-restart invokes the most recently established restart whose name is the same as the first argument to invoke-restart. If a restart is invoked interactively by the debugger and does not transfer control but rather returns values, the precise action of the debugger on those values is implementation-defined.

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