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  ANSI Common Lisp   9 Conditions   9.1 Condition System Concepts   9.1.3 Printing Conditions Recommended Style in Condition Reporting

In order to ensure a properly aesthetic result when presenting report messages to the user, certain stylistic conventions are recommended.

There are stylistic recommendations for the content of the messages output by condition reporters, but there are no formal requirements on those programs. If a program violates the recommendations for some message, the display of that message might be less aesthetic than if the guideline had been observed, but the program is still considered a conforming program.

The requirements on a program or implementation which invokes a condition reporter are somewhat stronger. A conforming program must be permitted to assume that if these style guidelines are followed, proper aesthetics will be maintained. Where appropriate, any specific requirements on such routines are explicitly mentioned below.  Capitalization and Punctuation in Condition Reports  Leading and Trailing Newlines in Condition Reports  Embedded Newlines in Condition Reports  Note about Tabs in Condition Reports  Mentioning Containing Function in Condition Reports

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