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  ANSI Common Lisp   22 Printer   22.1 The Lisp Printer   22.1.3 Default Print-Object Methods Printing Other Objects

Other objects are printed in an implementation-dependent manner. It is not required that an implementation print those objects readably.

For example, hash tables, readtables, packages, streams, and functions might not print readably.

A common notation to use in this circumstance is #<...>. Since #< is not readable by the Lisp reader, the precise format of the text which follows is not important, but a common format to use is that provided by the print-unreadable-object macro.

For information on how the Lisp reader treats this notation, see Section Sharpsign Less-Than-Sign. For information on how to notate objects that cannot be printed readably, see Section Sharpsign Dot.

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