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  ANSI Common Lisp   13 Characters   13.1 Character Concepts   13.1.4 Character Categories Graphic Characters

Characters that are classified as graphic, or displayable, are each associated with a glyph, a visual representation of the character.

A graphic character is one that has a standard textual representation as a single glyph, such as A or * or =. Space, which effectively has a blank glyph, is defined to be a graphic.

Of the standard characters, newline is non-graphic and all others are graphic; see Section 2.1.3 Standard Characters.

Characters that are not graphic are called non-graphic. Non-graphic characters are sometimes informally called "formatting characters" or "control characters."

#\Backspace, #\Tab, #\Rubout, #\Linefeed, #\Return, and #\Page, if they are supported by the implementation, are non-graphic.

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