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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   22 Printer   22.4 Dictionary of Printer

22.4.15 write-to-string, prin1-to-string, princ-to-string Function

write-to-string object &keyarray base case circle escape gensym
length level lines miser-width pprint-dispatch
pretty radix readably right-margin

prin1-to-string object    string

princ-to-string object    string

Arguments and Values:
object - an object.

array - a generalized boolean.

base - a radix.

case - a symbol of type (member :upcase :downcase :capitalize).

circle - a generalized boolean.

escape - a generalized boolean.

gensym - a generalized boolean.

length - a non-negative integer, or nil.

level - a non-negative integer, or nil.

lines - a non-negative integer, or nil.

miser-width - a non-negative integer, or nil.

pprint-dispatch - a pprint dispatch table.

pretty - a generalized boolean.

radix - a generalized boolean.

readably - a generalized boolean.

right-margin - a non-negative integer, or nil.

string - a string.

write-to-string, prin1-to-string, and princ-to-string are used to create a string consisting of the printed representation of object. Object is effectively printed as if by write, prin1, or princ, respectively, and the characters that would be output are made into a string.

write-to-string is the general output function. It has the ability to specify all the parameters applicable to the printing of object.

prin1-to-string acts like write-to-string with :escape t, that is, escape characters are written where appropriate.

princ-to-string acts like write-to-string with :escape nil :readably nil. Thus no escape characters are written.

All other keywords that would be specified to write-to-string are default values when prin1-to-string or princ-to-string is invoked.

The meanings and defaults for the keyword arguments to write-to-string are the same as those for write.

 (prin1-to-string "abc")  "\"abc\""
 (princ-to-string "abc")  "abc"

Affected By:
*print-escape*, *print-radix*, *print-base*, *print-circle*, *print-pretty*, *print-level*, *print-length*, *print-case*, *print-gensym*, *print-array*, *read-default-float-format*.

See Also:

 (write-to-string object {key argument}*)
==(with-output-to-string (#1=#:string-stream) 
     (write object :stream #1# {key argument}*))

 (princ-to-string object)
==(with-output-to-string (string-stream)
     (princ object string-stream))

 (prin1-to-string object)
==(with-output-to-string (string-stream)
     (prin1 object string-stream))

Allegro CL Implementation Details:

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