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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   12 Numbers   12.2 Dictionary of Numbers

12.2.50 realpart, imagpart Function

realpart number    real

imagpart number    real

Arguments and Values:
number - a number.

real - a real.

realpart and imagpart return the real and imaginary parts of number respectively. If number is real, then realpart returns number and imagpart returns (* 0 number), which has the effect that the imaginary part of a rational is 0 and that of a float is a floating-point zero of the same format.

 (realpart #c(23 41))  23
 (imagpart #c(23 41.0))  41.0
 (realpart #c(23 41.0))  23.0
 (imagpart 23.0)  0.0

Exceptional Situations:
Should signal an error of type type-error if number is not a number.

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