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ANSI Common Lisp   20 Files   20.2 Dictionary of Files
20.2.2 probe-file Function
probe-file pathspec    truename
Arguments and Values:
pathspec - a pathname designator.

truename - a physical pathname or nil.

probe-file tests whether a file exists.

probe-file returns false if there is no file named pathspec, and otherwise returns the truename of pathspec.

If the pathspec designator is an open stream, then probe-file produces the truename of its associated file. If pathspec is a stream, whether open or closed, it is coerced to a pathname as if by the function pathname.

Affected By:
The host computer's file system.
Exceptional Situations:
An error of type file-error is signaled if pathspec is wild.

An error of type file-error is signaled if the file system cannot perform the requested operation.

See Also:
truename, open, ensure-directories-exist, pathname, logical-pathname, Section 20.1 File System Concepts, Section Open and Closed Streams, Section 19.1.2 Pathnames as Filenames
Allegro CL Implementation Details:
See Extensions to cl:probe-file in implementation.htm. Note the links are to the documentation for the current Allegro CL version. Replace /current/ in the URL with the Allegro CL version number to see similar documentation in earlier releases.

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