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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   20 Files   20.2 Dictionary of Files

20.2.3 ensure-directories-exist Function

ensure-directories-exist pathspec &key verbose    pathspec, created

Arguments and Values:
pathspec - a pathname designator.

verbose - a generalized boolean.

created - a generalized boolean.

Tests whether the directories containing the specified file actually exist, and attempts to create them if they do not.

If the containing directories do not exist and if verbose is true, then the implementation is permitted (but not required) to perform output to standard output saying what directories were created. If the containing directories exist, or if verbose is false, this function performs no output.

The primary value is the given pathspec so that this operation can be straightforwardly composed with other file manipulation expressions. The secondary value, created, is true if any directories were created.

Affected By:
The host computer's file system.

Exceptional Situations:
An error of type file-error is signaled if the host, device, or directory part of pathspec is wild.

If the directory creation attempt is not successful, an error of type file-error is signaled; if this occurs, it might be the case that none, some, or all of the requested creations have actually occurred within the file system.

See Also:
probe-file, open, Section 19.1.2 Pathnames as Filenames

Allegro CL Implementation Details:
See cl-directory and cl:ensure-directories-exist in implementation.htm for information on the implementation in Allegro CL. Note the links are to the documentation for the current Allegro CL version. Replace /current/ in the URL with the Allegro CL version number to see similar documentation in earlier releases.

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