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Allegro CL version 10.0
Unrevised from 9.0 to 10.0.
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Arguments: configuration

A configuration option that indicates which IDE commands are present as buttons on the main IDE toolbar (which is the toolbar to the left of the Components toolbar). The current development configuration is the value of (configuration *ide-system*). (See configuration and *ide-system*.)

The value is a list of keywords with names similar to the IDE menu-bar commands to which they correspond. The special value :gap is used to indicate where a vertical separator bar should appear between buttons on the toolbar. The initial value is:

(:new :save :open :save-all :gap 
 :incremental-compile :load :gap
 :new-project :run-project :new-form :stop)

The allowable values are:

(:apropos :breakpoint :breakpoint-status :browse-class
 :find-debug-prompt :find-definition :find-in-file
 :gap :graph-subclasses :graph-superclasses
 :incremental-compile :inspect :load :macroexpand
 :new :new-form :new-project :open :print
 :profile :profile-status :quick-symbol-info
 :run-project :save :save-all :stop :trace
 :trace-status :unbreakpoint :unbreakpoint-all
 :unprofile :unprofile-all :untrace :untrace-all

The extended toolbar (displayed with the View | Extended Toolbar menu command) will contain all of the commands that are not on the main toolbar.

This option may be set programmatically by calling (setf standard-toolbar-icons). Alternately, the value may be modified interactively by dragging icons between the main toolbar and the extended toolbar in the following way:

  1. Invoke the View | Extended Toolbar command to show the extended toolbar.
  2. While holding down the Alt key, click down on an icon in the extended toolbar, drag it to the main toolbar, and release the mouse button to drop it there.

Commands can similarly be moved from the main toolbar to the extended toolbar, or within one of the toolbars. (The Components toolbar may not be modified.)

The value may also be modified in the inspector by using the Tools | Inspect System Data | IDE Configuration Options command.

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Allegro CL version 10.0
Unrevised from 9.0 to 10.0.
9.0 version