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Allegro CL version 10.0
Moderate update since the initial 10.0 release.
9.0 version


Arguments: file

This function loads the data previously written to a file using fasl-write. The return value is a list of the data items written to the file. The list will have one element for each invocation of fasl-write used in creating the file. The data returned is independent of the value of *package* when fasl-read is called.

The file argument must be a filename specified as for load. Standard load search-list processing is done on this name to find a file to load (see Search lists in loading.htm). The file that is loaded must have been written using fasl-write.

Version warning: a fasl file from one version of Allegro CL is usually unreadable in another

The fasl file format often changes in new releases and in general, fasl files written by a release will not be readable in a later release. Therefore, all data written to a fasl file should also be available in another readable format (such as a text file). The purpose of the fasl reader/writer is to allow data storage and retrieval in a single Allegro CL release on a single platform (fasl files written on one platform also may not be readable on another). Its advantage is that data does not have to be converted to its printed representation prior to being written (that conversion takes a significant amount of time for complex objects). Long term data storage should be in a generally readable format.

Floating-point numbers can be stored as octal values which can be read back exactly and are portable across versions and platforms. See single-float-to-shorts and double-float-to-shorts.

Application note

fasl-read and fasl-write require the compiler so they are not available in application images without the compiler.

See The fasl reader/writer in miscellaneous.htm, and see fasl-write.

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Allegro CL version 10.0
Moderate update since the initial 10.0 release.
9.0 version