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Arguments: window count gesture

This generic function is called whenever all fingers are removed from the screen after a gesture on a two-stroke-mixin window. An application can provide methods on this generic function to handle certain kinds of gestures. See the two-stroke-mixin class for more information.

A two-stroke-gesture method should return true if it handled the gesture, to override any default behavior. Returning will allow default behavior, which for a tap will call mouse-left-down and for a hold will call mouse-right-down. Other default behavior would depend on what Microsoft does when touch-event returns nil.

window will be the two-stroke-mixin window where the gesture was done.

count will be an integer from 1 to 10 (inclusive) for the maximum number of fingers that were in contact with the screen simultaneously during the gesture.

gesture will be a keyword symbol for the particular gesture that was interpreted from the many finger coordinates that were passed at a lower level to a touch-event method. Here are the possible keywords that may get passed, with their meanings:

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Allegro CL version 10.0
This page is new in 10.0.