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Allegro CL version 10.0
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Arguments: printer-stream &rest restarg

Pops up the print job dialog, where the end user may specify which printer to print on and what style of printing that printer's driver should use. An application should not call this function directly, because Common Graphics calls it internally whenever a printer stream is opened. This page documents the printer-specific arguments that you would pass to open-stream or with-output-to-printer, which Common Graphics will pass along to this function.

The argument values will determine the initially-selected options on the print job dialog, unless :no-dialog-p t is passed to bypass the dialog, in which case the argument values determine the actual print style.

Note that each printer driver supports some subset of these properties, and ignores any specification of the others. When using the print job dialog, a driver will typically suppress the properties that it does not support. But when bypassing the print job dialog by passing :no-dialog-p, it may not be clear which properties are supported, and so it's probably best to pass initargs in this case only for properties such as orientation that are supported by most any printer driver.

The keyword arguments (open-stream initargs) are:

See also pop-up-printer-setup-dialog and with-printer.

GTK Note

Printing (hardcopy) is not implemented on the GTK platform at this time. Opening a printer stream will simply invoke the *gtk-compatibility-warning-action*.

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Allegro CL version 10.0
Unrevised from 9.0 to 10.0.
9.0 version