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Arguments: printer

Returns the paper size available in the argument printer.

paper-size is a property of the printer class.

This generic function is not and cannot be setf'able. This property may be specified with the :paper-size initarg to open-stream when creating a printer stream, though a particular printer driver may or may not pay any attention to the value. Otherwise the property will reflect what the end user has either selected or allowed to default (when available) on the print job dialog that appears by default when a printer stream is created.

It's probably best not to specify this property programmatically unless it is somehow known that the printer being used supports the specified paper size, since otherwise a printer driver may blindly attempt to use a size that it does not really support. This property is typically read after opening a printer stream to find out which standard paper size the application must arrange its output on.

Possible values are:

:letter :letter-small :legal :folio :quarto
:csheet :dsheet :esheet
:tabloid :ledger :statement :executive :note
:a3 :a4 :a4-small :a5 :b4 :b5
:10x14 :11x17
:envelope-9 :envelope-10 :envelope-11 :envelope-12 :envelope-14
:envelope-dl :envelope-c3 :envelope-c4 :envelope-c5 :envelope-c6
:envelope-c65 :envelope-b4 :envelope-b5 :envelope-b6
:envelope-italy :envelope-monarch :envelope-personal
:fanfold-us :fanfold-standard-german :fanfold-legal-german

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Allegro CL version 10.0
Unrevised from 9.0 to 10.0.
9.0 version