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Allegro CL version 10.0
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Arguments: &key (initial-date (get-universal-time)) (title "Select a Date") (stream (selected-window-or-screen))

This function displays a modal dialog that contains a calendar widget, allowing the user to select a date.

initial-date is a universal time integer for the date that will initially be selected. The default is today.

title is a string to display in the title bar of the dialog. The default is "Select a Date".

stream is the owner window (or the screen) on which the dialog will be displayed. The default is the currently-selected window, if any, and otherwise the screen.

If the user cancels the dialog, then nil is returned. Otherwise four values are returned, all integers.

  1. A universal time for the date that the user selected.
  2. The year of that universal time.
  3. The month (1 to 12) of that universal time.
  4. The date (1 to 31) of that universal time.

See the calendar class for general information on the widget that is shown in the dialog. An additional feature of this dialog is that the user can double-click a date to immediately return that date from the dialog, as an alternative to first selecting a date and then either pressing the OK button or pressing the Enter key.

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This page is new in the 10.0 release.
Created 2019.8.20.

Allegro CL version 10.0
This page is new in 10.0.