Support for Apple Silicon (M1) in Allegro CL

64-bit Allegro CL Express

As of 2021-02-19 11:00 PST, the downloads from our website were updated to include the fixes needed to run on M1 Macs. If you downloaded before this date, please download a new version of the Express from here.

64-bit Allegro CL Enterprise and Professional

NOTE: please update to macOS 11.4, because this version has important fixes in the operating system which allow Allegro CL to operate properly.

This patch adds support to existing Intel 64-bit versions of Allegro CL for all Apple Silicon (M1) processors. A native port to Apple Silicon is in the works and will be released in the future. Intel 64-bit support is achieved through emulation on the new hardware, and it will not perform as well as a native port.

There are two ways to install Allegro CL on Apple Silicon:

  1. Copy an updated /Applications/ from an Intel Mac to /Applications/ on an M1 Mac.
  2. Using, the original ACL distribution and your license file, install directly on an M1 Mac. See the instructions in the script for details.

Problems or questions?

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