The lisp prompt formarly discussed on this page is no longer supported or available. The following are details related to the freely downloadable Express Edition of Allegro CL.

Experience the True Power of Lisp

To properly test out the power and potential of Allegro CL, please download the Free Express Edition, available on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and MacOSX. Click here for your copy.  You can also contact for an Evaluation Version if you wish to evaluate Allegro CL for commercial purposes.

Getting Started

Lisp is great for calculations and analyses of text.  Give these simple applications a try:

Example 1:

(+ 1 2) -> 3
(* 17 (/ 4.0 2)) -> 34.0

Example 2:

(setq mystring "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog")
(count #\e mystring) -> 4
(count #\o mystring) -> 5
(count-if 'alphanumericp mystring) -> 36
(length mystring) -> 44

The Dynamic Learning Center and the Franz Examples Section contain a variety of Lisp programming exercises and examples that can be experimented with as well.

Lisp Resources

The PDF file Basic Lisp Techniques provides an introduction to the Common Lisp language.

A list of other books, Lisp-oriented web sites and tutorials can be found here

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