Distribution Tools

Distribution Options in Allegro CL

Franz offers a choice of three application distribution options with varying levels of functionality.

Allegro Runtime

Allegro Runtime is a tool for distributing stand-alone applications efficiently and in the smallest footprint possible.

Allegro Dynamic Runtime

Allegro Dynamic Runtime allows application developers to distribute a stand-alone application that is able to access the compiler and top level commands at runtime. This gives end-users the ability to add new functionality to a program at runtime, and have it compiled on the fly.

Allegro Partner

Allegro Partner is a licensing option that allows application developers to distribute full copies of Allegro CL to their end-users. This gives the end-users the ability to extend the application.

To order or to obtain more information on Allegro distribution tools and the complete line of Allegro development products, please contact your representative at: info@franz.com.

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