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agraph3 patch pio019
Date posted: Tue Dec 14 19:17:20 PST 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio019.001
Description:A Prolog select query that used the same UPI-map multiple times could incorrectly share its resources leading to an error. This patch corrects this situation.
Impact: recommended

agraph3 patch pio018
Date posted: Mon Dec 6 09:57:13 PST 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio018.001
Description:The code for add-triple was not correctly resetting a shared resource which could sometimes lead to incorrect data being added. The situation could occur only when type-mapping was being used and if add-triple was being called with UPI arguments.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio017
Date posted: Tue Sep 7 14:52:53 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio017.001
Description:Under some conditions the index chunk tracking code could enter a deadlock. This is fixed.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio016
Date posted: Mon Aug 30 11:35:10 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio016.001
Description:The N-Triples serializer could fail to correctly escape backslashes which could produce invalid N-Triples files.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio015
Date posted: Fri Aug 20 10:54:23 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio015.001
Description:The Prolog select query language was ignoring the :use-planner option meaning that it was impossible to turn off all planning for queries. This patch corrects the problem.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio014
Date posted: Fri Aug 20 10:54:23 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio014.001
Description:In some situations (especially when simultaneously adding, querying and indexing), cursors could fail to manage their indices which could result in index chunks being dropped prematurely. This patch fixes the problem.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio013
Date posted: Mon Jun 21 16:54:11 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio013.001
Description:Querying a federated-triple-stores with SPARQL could signal an error. This has been corrected.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio012
Date posted: Thu May 27 11:47:59 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio012.001
Description:Revise 'Unknown triple store' error message to be more informative.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio011
Date posted: Wed Apr 28 10:57:47 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/pio011.001
Description:If a triple-store was opened read-only, SPARQL queries involving string literals could sometimes signal a UPI not found in string dictionary error. This patches corrects this behavior.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio009
Date posted: Tue Apr 27 10:25:51 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/pio009.001
Description:Implement find-unique-upis-for-column for remote-triple-stores. This corrects a problem with remote-triple-stores not supporting SPARQL queries that iterate over all of the graphs in a store.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio008
Date posted: Tue Apr 27 10:25:51 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/pio008.001
Description:Ensure that queries find triples added while they are running.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio010
Date posted: Tue Apr 27 10:25:51 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio010.001
Description:Make remote-triple-stores work better with some SPARQL queries.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio007
Date posted: Tue Mar 30 14:21:36 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio007.001
Description:A bug in the Sesame XML transaction document parser caused text to be partially reversed when XML entities were present ("A&B" would become "B&A"). This is now fixed.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio006
Date posted: Mon Mar 15 15:58:06 PDT 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio006.001
Description:This change allows for SPARQL's idiom for Negation-As-Failure to be detected more reliably, and thus executed more optimally.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio005
Date posted: Fri Mar 12 10:32:31 PST 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio005.001
Description:Correct return type of `ego-group-layers` function from vector to list.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio004
Date posted: Fri Mar 12 10:32:31 PST 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio004.001
Description:AllegroGraph's SPARQL engine raises an error when imposed bindings (the :with-variables keyword argument to run-sparql) are not a subset of the variables mentioned in the body of the query. This error checking failed to include variables mentioned in a CONSTRUCT template or DESCRIBE variable list, which meant that query invocations which imposed bindings for variables mentioned in the CONSTRUCT template alone would raise an error. This patch corrects the error checking behavior.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio003
Date posted: Fri Mar 12 10:32:31 PST 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio003.001
Description:AllegroGraph 3.3 new support for SPARQL UPDATE did not work correctly on RDFS++ triple-stores when it tries to add new triples. This patch corrects the bug so that SPARQL UPDATE works seamlessly on RDFS++ stores and regular triple-stores.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio002
Date posted: Fri Mar 12 10:32:31 PST 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio002.001
Description:This patch restores the behavior of print-triple to what it was in AllegroGraph 3.2. AllegroGraph 3.3 inadvertently changed print-triple so that it no longer returned the triple that it printed. This patch also documents this behavior for future reference.
Impact: recommended

agraph-3.3 patch pio001
Date posted: Tue Mar 2 10:47:15 PST 2010
Patch name: update/agraph/3.3/pio001.001
Description:Blank nodes were serialized incorrectly by the HTTP server and AGWebView, which made them unable to round-trip for federated and remote stores. This is now fixed.
Impact: recommended

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