AllegroGraph Python client release history

Release 100.0.2

New query methods

Four new methods have been added to the RepositoryConnection class:

  • executeTupleQuery()
  • executeGraphQuery()
  • executeBooleanQuery()
  • executeUpdate()

These can be used to prepare and evaluate a SPARQL query in a single call.

New tutorial

The tutorial has been updated and restyled using Sphinx.

Release 100.0.1

bug24892: Time parsing fixes

The Python client used to fail when trying to retrieve a datetimeValue() of a literal that contained time zone information. This has been corrected.

All datetime objects created by the Python API are now timezone-aware.

rfe15005: duplicate suppression control API

It is now possible to set and query the duplicate suppression policy of a repository from Python, using three new methods of the connection object:

  • getDuplicateSuppressionPolicy()
  • setDuplicateSuppressionPolicy()
  • disableDuplicateSuppression()

New export methods

A new mechanism for exporting data has been added. It utilizes a new output parameter that has been added to the following methods:

  • RepositoryConnection.getStatements()
  • RepositoryConnection.getStatementsById()
  • TupleQuery.evaluate()
  • GraphQuery.evaluate()

Setting the new parameter to a file name or a file-like object will cause the data that would normally be returned by the call to be saved to the specified file instead. Serialization format can be controlled by setting another new parameter, output_format.

Release 100.0.0

New versioning scheme

Client versions no longer match the server version. Major version number has been bumped to 100 to avoid confusion.

bug24819: Circular import

Importing com.franz.openrdf.query.query failed due to a circular import. Thanks to Maximilien de Bayser for reporting this.

bug24826: removeStatement uses context instead of object

The removeStatement method of RepositoryConnection was broken. Patch by Maximilien de Bayser.


bug24728: Incorrect conversion between boolean literals and Python values

The booleanValue() method of the Literal class used to work incorrectly. It would return True for any literal that is not empty, including the “false”^^xsd:boolean literal. This has been corrected - the function will now return expected values for literals of type xsd:boolean. Result for other types remains undefined.


bug24680: to_native_string is broken on Python 2

The Python client sometimes failed while processing values with non-ascii characters, showing the following error message:

UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode characters in position ??: ordinal not in range(128)

This has been corrected.


Released with AllegroGraph 6.2.2. Change log for this and all previous Python client releases can be found in AllegroGraph release notes: