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Franz Inc, AllegroGraph Java Client
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testGlobalProperty(Node) - Method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGInfGraph
TOKENIZER - Static variable in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGFreetextIndexConfig
toStatement(Triple, AGModel) - Static method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGStatement
create a Statement from the triple t in the enhanced graph eg.
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.http.AGHTTPClient
toString() - Method in enum com.franz.agraph.http.AGHttpRepoClient.CommitPhase
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.http.AGHttpRepoClient
toString(String, Graph) - Static method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGGraph
Returns a human-consumable representation of graph.
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGGraph
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGPrefixMapping
toString(int) - Method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGPrefixMapping
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGQuerySolution
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.pool.AGConnPool
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGFreetextIndexConfig
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGQuery
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGRepositoryConnection
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGServerVersion
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGSpinFunction
toString() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGXid
toString() - Method in class com.franz.util.Closer
TransactionSettings - Class in com.franz.agraph.repository.repl
A container for all settings related to commit behavior in multi-master replication clusters.
TransactionSettings() - Constructor for class com.franz.agraph.repository.repl.TransactionSettings
Create a configuration object where all settings use the default values configured on the server.
TransactionSettings(TransactionSettings) - Constructor for class com.franz.agraph.repository.repl.TransactionSettings
Copy another settings object.
transactionSettingsCtx(TransactionSettings) - Method in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGRepositoryConnection
A 'context manager' for temporarily changing transaction settings.
transactionsSupported() - Method in class com.franz.agraph.jena.AGTransactionHandler
TRIG - Static variable in class com.franz.agraph.repository.AGRDFFormat
TYPE_PARAM_NAME - Static variable in class com.franz.agraph.http.AGProtocol
Parameter name for the 'type' parameter for datatype mapping.
TYPES - Static variable in class com.franz.agraph.http.AGProtocol
Relative location of the Geo Types service.
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