Upgrading from AllegroGraph v4.x (where x < 4) to AllegroGraph v4.4 and later

Warning: these instructions only work for upgrading from AllegroGraph v4.0.4 up to but not including version 4.4. If you need to upgrade from a version earlier than v4.0.4, please contact Franz Inc. Customer Support (support@franz.com). If you want to upgrade from AllegroGraph version 4.4 or later to a later version, this is the wrong document. See Repository Upgrading.

If you want to upgrade from version 3.x to version 5.y, please contact Franz Inc. Customer Support (support@franz.com).

The agraph-backup utility has been enhanced, as we describe in Repository Upgrading, to make upgrading from one AllegroGraph version to a later version very simple. Unfortunately, you cannot use the new features in order to upgrade to AllegroGraph v4.4 or later from a version earlier than v4.4. This document explains how to upgrade in that case.

The issue with upgrading

You want two things to be moved from the earlier version to the later: the data and the server settings. The data is the set of triples. The server settings are (more or less) everything else: user information, security settings, etc.

Migrating from a pre-v4.4 version to v4.4 and later

The steps are as follows:

  1. Using agraph-backup of version X (X < v4.4), backup each repository separately (see Backup and Restore for agraph-backup usage). This step ensures you can still use the database in version X even if the upgrade to version Y fails.

  2. Stop the server of version X.

  3. Using agraph-backup of version v4.4 or later, backup the settings by using the backup-settings option. This option requires a desination directory and the path of the config file of the original installation.

  4. agraph-backup backup-settings <directory> <config-file> 
  5. Using agraph-backup of version Y (version 4.4 or later), restore settings.
  6. agraph-backup --port Y-port restore-all <directory> 

After restoring the settings, the user needs to restart the new AG server to reflect the changes.

  1. Using agraph-backup of version Y, restore each archived repository.

Automatic upgrade of databases

When an archive created by an older version of agraph-backup is restored, either by restore or restore-all, the database is converted to the current version by default.

To suppress this operation, give the --noconvert option to agraph-backup.