The website

A little while ago, our new examples website,, went live. This website is a repository of downloadable example applications and programs showing non-trivial uses of Lisp and the features of Allegro CL.

All examples are provided free of charge. Use may be unrestricted or restricted by a license (supplied with the example, typically in the downloaded file). The code is not supported and is (of course) provided wholly without warrantly.

Many of the examples currently available are supplied by people associated with Franz Inc., the supplier of Allegro CL. However, anyone can submit an example for consideration. To do so, visit and create a user id. Once you have a user id (you are asked to validate your id by visiting a website named in a message to your email), you can login. A submissions page allows you to submit an example for consideration. A different page allows submitting a new version of an existing example.

Examples are assigned to one of more categories. The categories, listed on, include localization, SystemAdministration, Web applictaion, and ParallelProgramming.

Some of the applications are useful for personal tasks, such as AddCaps, which organizes and adds captions to digital images. (See the list of Miscellaneous examples for further information.) Others perform system administartion tasks such as converting absolute to relative symbolic links. (See the list of SystemAdministration examples for further information.)

We hope you will find the examples useful and instructive. Please consider submitting your own example programs and applications.

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