Debugging ORBLink processes

The following IDL pertains to debugging APIs:

module ORBLink {
 pseudo interface ORB {
    enum verbose_level_type {low, high};
    attribute verbose_level_type verbose_level;
    attribute boolean tracing;

The verbose_level attribute of corba:orb, when set to :high outputs various information.

The tracing attribute of corba:orb, when T, prints a message, whose verboseness is governed by the verbose_level.

Setting the verbose_level to :high automatically turns on tracing.

These particular debugging APIs are somewhat crude, of course. For more sophisticated debugging issues, you should can use the usual reconfigurability properties of Lisp.

For example, you can redefine a server method on the fly, which can be used to insert print statements in server methods.

You can also use auxiliary methods to trace excecution of particular remote or local invocations.