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Arguments: work-item &key kill wait reason

This generic function allows users to stop a work-item launched with process-pool-run. As with other operators that cancel or stop running work items (cancel-process-pool-work and cancel-process-pool-worker), there is flexibility about whether to actually kill the running work item function or to let it complete and then do some clean up.

The work-item argument must be a process-pool-work-item. The kill keyword argument can be t, nil, or a function name or object. The function must run with no arguments. reason is a symbol or string which will be added to the work-item's error slot. It defaults to :discard-work-item. The wait argument can be t (or a non-nil value that is not a number), nil, or a number.

Here are the various cases:

The work-item is neither running nor on a process-pool queue

The work-item may have completed running or may never have been added to a process-pool queue, either because the queue was full when process-pool-run was called or because the work-item was created with make-process-pool-work-item and never assigned to a process-pool. In either case, discard-process-pool-work-item takes no action other than returning :idle.

The work-item is in a process-pool queue but is not running

The work-item is removed from the queue and discard-process-pool-work-item returns :dequeued.

The work-item is running

'Running' means one of the three functions associated with the work-item (the report-start function, the work-item function, and the report-end function) is executing or about to execute. What happens depends on the value of the kill. The value of the wait argument is ignored when kill is either t or nil.

kill can be t, nil, or a function designator naming a function that will run with no arguments. Here are the effects of those values:

See Process pools in multiprocessing.htm for more information on process pools.

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This page is new in the 10.1 release.
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Allegro CL version 10.1
This page is new in 10.1.