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Allegro CL version 10.1
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Arguments: pathname

The argument must be a existing pathname or something (like a string) coercible to a existing pathname. If the argument is a logical pathname, it is first translated to a physical pathname. The directories of the pathname are then checked from left to right. Whenever a directory component is encountered that is a symbolic link, the target of the link is merged into the pathname, and the new pathname is rescanned, starting from the beginning if the target of the symbolic link was an absolute pathname. When all symbolic links have been resolved, the resultant pathname object is returned.

Error when pathname does not exist

When pathname names a non-existent pathname, an error is signaled, similar to:

CL-USER(2): (excl:pathname-resolve-symbolic-links #p"/does/not/exist")
Error: realpath failed: No such file or directory [errno=2].
  [condition type: SYSCALL-ERROR]

See also symbolic-link-p. See pathnames.htm for general information on pathnames in Allegro CL.

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Allegro CL version 10.1
Unrevised from 10.0 to 10.1.
10.0 version