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Allegro CL version 10.1
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Arguments: icon-drawing-view

Returns the value of the icon-images property of an icon-drawing-view. The value may be set at creation time by passing the icon-images initarg, or any time later by calling (setf icon-images).

The images that are used as icons for an icon-drawing-view in a chart-or-plot. The value should be a sequence (list or vector) where each element is either a pixmap, or the symbol name of a pixmap that has been cached by calling cache-pixmap, or else the name of one of the built-in non-pixmap icons. The default value is the list (:circle :square :triangle :diamond), which is a list of all of the non-pixmap icons except for :dot.

When a pixmap is used as an icon, it is drawn at its natural size and centered about the data point that it represents. Pixmap icons look better when they have masks so that they do not make a rectangular area of the graph totally opaque; see cg-pixmaps.htm for how to define pixmaps with masks.

When the name of a built-in non-pixmap icon is used as an icon, it should be one of the keyword symbols :circle, :square, :triangle, :diamond, or :dot. These icons are line drawings that can be scaled with the icon-sizes property, and are drawn according to the icon-line-widths, icons-filled, and icon-fill-colors properties.

If this property value is nil, then no icons are drawn. Otherwise, the first object in the chart-widget's sequence of chart-objects is drawn with the first icon, the second object with the second icon, and so on. If there are fewer icons in the list than there are chart-objects, then the drawing code will cycle back through the list of icons as needed.

This property is used only when the draw-icons property is true.

See chart-widget and also cg-chart-widget.htm.

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Allegro CL version 10.1
Unrevised from 10.0 to 10.1.
10.0 version