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unbound-slot unbound-slot.

unbound-slot-instance unbound-slot-instance.

unbound-variable unbound-variable.

undefined consequences Error Terminology.

undefined-function undefined-function.

Underscore (format directive) Tilde Underscore: Conditional Newline.

unexport unexport.

unintern unintern.

union union, nunion.

Universal time Universal Time.

unless when, unless.

unread-char unread-char.

unsafe Error Terminology.

unsafe call Safe and Unsafe Calls.

unsigned-byte unsigned-byte.

unspecified consequences Error Terminology.

unspecified values Error Terminology.

untrace trace, untrace.

unuse-package unuse-package.

unwind-protect unwind-protect.

update-instance-for-different-class update-instance-for-different-class.

update-instance-for-redefined-class update-instance-for-redefined-class.

upgraded array element type Array Upgrading.

upgraded-array-element-type upgraded-array-element-type.

upgraded-complex-part-type upgraded-complex-part-type.

upper-case-p upper-case-p, lower-case-p, both-case-p.

use-package use-package.

use-value use-value, abort, continue, muffle-warning, store-value, use-value.

user Packages No Longer Required.

user-homedir-pathname user-homedir-pathname.

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