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t t, t, case, ccase, ecase, typecase, ctypecase, etypecase.

T (format directive) Tilde T: Tabulate.

tagbody tagbody.

tailp ldiff, tailp.

tan sin, cos, tan.

tanh sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh.

tenth first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth.

terminating Macro Characters.

terpri terpri, fresh-line.

the the.

third first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth.

throw throw.

Tilde (format directive) Tilde Tilde: Tilde.

Tilde A (format directive) Tilde A: Aesthetic.

Tilde Ampersand (format directive) Tilde Ampersand: Fresh-Line.

Tilde Asterisk (format directive) Tilde Asterisk: Go-To.

Tilde B (format directive) Tilde B: Binary.

Tilde C (format directive) Tilde C: Character.

Tilde Circumflex (format directive) Tilde Circumflex: Escape Upward.

Tilde D (format directive) Tilde D: Decimal.

Tilde Dollarsign (format directive) Tilde Dollarsign: Monetary Floating-Point.

Tilde E (format directive) Tilde E: Exponential Floating-Point.

Tilde F (format directive) Tilde F: Fixed-Format Floating-Point.

Tilde G (format directive) Tilde G: General Floating-Point.

Tilde Greater-Than-Sign (format directive) Tilde Greater-Than-Sign: End of Justification.

Tilde I (format directive) Tilde I: Indent.

Tilde Left-Brace (format directive) Tilde Left-Brace: Iteration.

Tilde Left-Bracket (format directive) Tilde Left-Bracket: Conditional Expression.

Tilde Left-Paren (format directive) Tilde Left-Paren: Case Conversion.

Tilde Less-Than-Sign (format directive) Tilde Less-Than-Sign: Logical Block, Tilde Less-Than-Sign: Justification.

Tilde Newline (format directive) Tilde Newline: Ignored Newline.

Tilde O (format directive) Tilde O: Octal.

Tilde P (format directive) Tilde P: Plural.

Tilde Percent (format directive) Tilde Percent: Newline.

Tilde Question-Mark (format directive) Tilde Question-Mark: Recursive Processing.

Tilde R (format directive) Tilde R: Radix.

Tilde Right-Brace (format directive) Tilde Right-Brace: End of Iteration.

Tilde Right-Bracket (format directive) Tilde Right-Bracket: End of Conditional Expression.

Tilde Right-Paren (format directive) Tilde Right-Paren: End of Case Conversion.

Tilde S (format directive) Tilde S: Standard.

Tilde Semicolon (format directive) Tilde Semicolon: Clause Separator.

Tilde Slash (format directive) Tilde Slash: Call Function.

Tilde T (format directive) Tilde T: Tabulate.

Tilde Tilde (format directive) Tilde Tilde: Tilde.

Tilde Underscore (format directive) Tilde Underscore: Conditional Newline.

Tilde Vertical-Bar (format directive) Tilde Vertical-Bar: Page.

Tilde W (format directive) Tilde W: Write.

Tilde X (format directive) Tilde X: Hexadecimal.

time time.

token Constituent Characters.

trace trace, untrace.

translate-logical-pathname translate-logical-pathname.

translate-pathname translate-pathname.

tree Conses as Trees.

tree-equal tree-equal.

truename Truenames, truename.

truncate floor, ffloor, ceiling, fceiling, truncate, ftruncate, round, fround.

two-way-stream two-way-stream.

two-way-stream-input-stream two-way-stream-input-stream, two-way-stream-output-stream.

two-way-stream-output-stream two-way-stream-input-stream, two-way-stream-output-stream.

type type.

    atom atom.
    base-char base-char.
    base-string base-string.
    bignum bignum.
    bit bit.
    boolean boolean.
    compiled-function compiled-function.
    double-float short-float, single-float, double-float, long-float.
    extended-char extended-char.
    fixnum fixnum.
    keyword keyword.
    long-float short-float, single-float, double-float, long-float.
    nil nil.
    short-float short-float, single-float, double-float, long-float.
    signed-byte signed-byte.
    simple-array simple-array.
    simple-base-string simple-base-string.
    simple-bit-vector simple-bit-vector.
    simple-string simple-string.
    simple-vector simple-vector.
    single-float short-float, single-float, double-float, long-float.
    standard-char standard-char.
    unsigned-byte unsigned-byte.

Type Specifier
    and and.
    eql eql.
    member member.
    mod mod.
    not not.
    or or.
    satisfies satisfies.
    values values.

type-error type-error.

type-error-datum type-error-datum, type-error-expected-type.

type-error-expected-type type-error-datum, type-error-expected-type.

type-of type-of.

typecase typecase, ctypecase, etypecase.

typep typep.

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