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R (format directive) Tilde R: Radix.

R (sharpsign reader macro) Sharpsign R.

random random.

random-state random-state.

random-state-p random-state-p.

rank Array Rank.

rassoc rassoc, rassoc-if, rassoc-if-not.

rassoc-if rassoc, rassoc-if, rassoc-if-not.

rassoc-if-not rassoc, rassoc-if, rassoc-if-not.

ratio ratio, Printing Ratios.

rational rational, rational, rationalize.

rationalize rational, rationalize.

rationalp rationalp.

read read, read-preserving-whitespace.

read-byte read-byte.

read-char read-char.

read-char-no-hang read-char-no-hang.

read-delimited-list read-delimited-list.

read-from-string read-from-string.

read-line read-line.

read-preserving-whitespace read, read-preserving-whitespace.

read-sequence read-sequence.

reader macro function Macro Characters.

reader-error reader-error.

readtable Readtables, readtable.

readtable-case readtable-case.

readtablep readtablep.

real real.

realp realp.

realpart realpart, imagpart.

redefinition Constraints on the COMMON-LISP Package for Conforming Programs.

reduce reduce.

reinitialize-instance reinitialize-instance.

rem mod, rem.

remf remf.

remhash remhash.

remove remove, remove-if, remove-if-not, delete, delete-if, delete-if-not.

remove-duplicates remove-duplicates, delete-duplicates.

remove-if remove, remove-if, remove-if-not, delete, delete-if, delete-if-not.

remove-if-not remove, remove-if, remove-if-not, delete, delete-if, delete-if-not.

remove-method remove-method.

remprop remprop.

rename-file rename-file.

rename-package rename-package.

repertoire Character Repertoires.

replace replace.

report message Printing Conditions.

require provide, require.

rest rest.

restart restart.

    abort abort.
    continue continue.
    muffle-warning muffle-warning.
    store-value store-value.
    use-value use-value.

restart-bind restart-bind.

restart-case restart-case.

restart-name restart-name.

return return.

return-from return-from.

revappend revappend, nreconc.

reverse reverse, nreverse.

Right-Brace (format directive) Tilde Right-Brace: End of Iteration.

Right-Bracket (format directive) Tilde Right-Bracket: End of Conditional Expression.

Right-Paren (format directive) Tilde Right-Paren: End of Case Conversion.

Right-Parenthesis (reader macro) Right-Parenthesis.

room room.

rotatef rotatef.

round floor, ffloor, ceiling, fceiling, truncate, ftruncate, round, fround.

row-major-aref row-major-aref.

rplaca rplaca, rplacd.

rplacd rplaca, rplacd.

run time Compiler Terminology.

run-time compiler Compiler Terminology.

run-time definition Compiler Terminology.

run-time environment Compiler Terminology.

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