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O (format directive) Tilde O: Octal.

O (sharpsign reader macro) Sharpsign O.

oddp evenp, oddp.

open Open and Closed Streams, open.

open-stream-p open-stream-p.

optimize optimize.

or or, or, Built-in Method Combination Types.

order of evaluation load-time-value, Evaluation of Subforms to Places, catch, multiple-value-setq, Order of Execution, The for-as-arithmetic subclause, Defaulting of Initialization Arguments, assert, ldb.

ordinary lambda list Ordinary Lambda Lists.

otherwise case, ccase, ecase, typecase, ctypecase, etypecase.

output Input, Output, and Bidirectional Streams.

output-stream-p input-stream-p, output-stream-p.

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