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I (format directive) Tilde I: Indent.

identity identity.

if if.

ignorable ignore, ignorable.

ignore ignore, ignorable.

ignore-errors ignore-errors.

imagpart realpart, imagpart.

implicit compilation Compiler Terminology.

import import.

improper list Conses as Lists.

in-package in-package.

incf incf, decf.

initial readtable The Initial Readtable.

initialization argument list Object Creation and Initialization.

initialize-instance initialize-instance.

inline inline, notinline.

input Input, Output, and Bidirectional Streams.

input-stream-p input-stream-p, output-stream-p.

inspect inspect.

instances Introduction to Classes.

int-char Removed Operators.

integer integer.

integer-decode-float decode-float, scale-float, float-radix, float-sign, float-digits, float-precision, integer-decode-float.

integer-length integer-length.

integerp integerp.

interactive stream Interactive Streams.

interactive-stream-p interactive-stream-p.

intern intern.

internal symbol Internal and External Symbols.

Internal time Internal Time.

internal-time-units-per-second internal-time-units-per-second.

intersection intersection, nintersection.

invalid-method-error invalid-method-error.

invoke-debugger invoke-debugger.

invoke-restart invoke-restart.

invoke-restart-interactively invoke-restart-interactively.

is signaled Error Terminology.

isqrt sqrt, isqrt.

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