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Allegro CL
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  ANSI Common Lisp   19 Filenames   19.4 Dictionary of Filenames

19.4.9 logical-pathname Function

logical-pathname pathspec    logical-pathname

Arguments and Values:
pathspec - a logical pathname, a logical pathname namestring, or a stream.

logical-pathname - a logical pathname.

logical-pathname converts pathspec to a logical pathname and returns the new logical pathname. If pathspec is a logical pathname namestring, it should contain a host component and its following colon. If pathspec is a stream, it should be one for which pathname returns a logical pathname.

If pathspec is a stream, the stream can be either open or closed. logical-pathname returns the same logical pathname after a file is closed as it did when the file was open. It is an error if pathspec is a stream that is created with make-two-way-stream, make-echo-stream, make-broadcast-stream, make-concatenated-stream, make-string-input-stream, or make-string-output-stream.

Exceptional Situations:
Signals an error of type type-error if pathspec isn't supplied correctly.

See Also:
logical-pathname, translate-logical-pathname, Section 19.3 Logical Pathnames

Allegro CL Implementation Details:

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