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Allegro CL version 9.0
Minimally revised from 8.2.
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Arguments: &key name stream current-profile verbose

This function prints a call-graph for the profile data collected to the stream specified by the stream keyword argument. The default value of the :stream argument is *standard-output*.

The name keyword argument, if provided, specifies the function for which information is requested. If the name keyword argument is not specified or is specified nil, information on all functions will be printed. The value of the name keyword argument should be a symbol (that is the argument must evaluate to a symbol) or a compiled function object if you want information on a Lisp function. The value should be a string if you want information on a C function or a Lisp runtime system function.

The current-profile keyword argument specifies the profile data to be displayed. If no value is specified, data from the last-run profile will be displayed. If a value is specified, it must be a profile saved with save-current-profile, in which case data from that profile will be displayed.

The verbose keyword argument controls whether or not messages about the progress of the analysis are printed to *standard-output*. The messages will be printed if the value is true and they will not be printed if the value is nil. The value defaults to nil. (Note that in the default, both the messages and the result are printed to *standard-output* so if you rebind *standard-output* to be a stream open to a file, the messages will be printed to the file as well.)

This function returns no value.

If the profiler is still running when this function is called, then profiling will be stopped and analysis and display of the results will occur. The status of that profile (as returned by profiler-status) will then be :analyzed.

See runtime-analyzer.htm for general information on profiling and the runtime analyzer.

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Allegro CL version 9.0
Minimally revised from 8.2.
8.2 version