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Allegro CL version 9.0
This page is new in 9.0.


Arguments: ide-configuration

This IDE configuration option is used when a search in the Find In Files dialog searches any files of type .htm, .html, or .shtml and finds matches in any of those files. When this option is enabled, as it is by default, then opening a matching HTML file will show the file in an HTML browser rather than in the IDE's editor. (The option use-cg-html-browser determines whether that will be done in the IDE's own HTML help window or in your preferred third-party web browser.)

If you would like to edit HTML files in the IDE's editor, then you may want to turn this option off. This option does not appear on the IDE's Options dialog, but you can turn it off programmatically with this expression:

(setf (ide:find-in-files-show-html-files-in-browser
        (cg:configuration ide:*ide-system*))

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This page is new in the 9.0 release.
Created 2019.8.20.

Allegro CL version 9.0
This page is new in 9.0.